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Kiaro!: Fast Inkjet Color Label Printer
The Kiaro! is a ground-breaking inkjet color label printer. Where the Kiaro! stands apart from other inkjet color label printers is that it doesn’t require a speed/quality trade-off. The Kiaro! prints labels in high resolution faster than any other tabletop color label printer. Even at its 8 ips speed (40 feet per minute), you will get great looking, vibrant, color labels in outstanding 1200 dpi resolution. The Kiaro! prints beautiful labels prints from 1”- 4” wide and up to more than 15” in length. With four separate, large-capacity ink cartridges and low running costs, the Kiaro! label printer is a perfect fit for any packaging room or production line operation.
Kiaro! 200: Wide-Format Inkjet Color Label Printer
We think you’ll agree that the Kiaro! 200 is the most reliable wide-width inkjet label printer on the market today. It runs longer and with less user maintenance than any other label printer on the market – you will have true uptime peace of mind with the Kiaro! 200. You won’t need to worry about “breaking the web” or splicing printed rolls, and you won’t have any wasted labels. Just like the standard Kiaro!, it prints beautiful labels at 8 ips speed (40 feet per minute) and 1200 dpi resolution. The difference is that it prints larger labels, from 4”-8” wide and up to more than 17” in length. With four separate, large-capacity ink cartridges and low running costs, the Kiaro! 200 is a perfect fit for labeling larger products in-house.
Kiaro! 50: Small Prime Inkjet Color Label Printer
The Kiaro! 50 is the revolutionary compact color label printer, designed for printing small labels quickly and beautifully. Developed for businesses with small products and big labeling needs, the Kiaro! 50 matches incredible quality and breathtaking speed on labels from 1” - 2.16” in width and 1” - 15.63 in length.
Kiaro! D: Extra-Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer
The Kiaro! D prints durable labels that can get dirty, wet, scuffed, and exposed to sunlight and chemicals – all while maintaining legibility and color fastness. Thanks to its cutting-edge pigment ink formulation and QuickLabel's qualified label stocks, labels printed by the Kiaro! D comply with GHS hazard warning labeling regulations, one of the most stringent physical label standards in the world. The Kiaro! D is perfect for bottle, carton, case, and pack labels that require printed product pictures, logos, color codes, barcodes, and other variable data elements.
Kiaro! 200D: Extra-Wide, Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer
The Kiaro! 200D is the quintessential extra-wide label printer, capable of making durable labels in large sizes for gallon jugs, shipping drums, pallets, cartons, and cases – all in full CMYK color. Thanks to QuickLabel’s pigment ink formulation, labels printed by the Kiaro! 200D stand up to daily abuse from chemical solvents, water, UV light, and scuffing. This means that you can print GHS labels with the required black and red GHS pictograms alongside CMYK company logos in any color, product pictures, and color codes. Printed on matte polypropylene and paper label stocks, Kiaro! 200D labels are tough enough to survive without lamination.
Kiaro! 50D: Small Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer
The Kiaro! 50D is small and tough. It prints small, durable labels that withstand big challenges from industrial environments. Using QuickLabel’s pigment ink formulation to produce printed labels that resist the insults of international shipping, scratches, scrapes, spills, and scuffs, the Kiaro! 50D is compatible with matte polypropylene and paper label materials. You don’t have to laminate labels printed by the Kiaro! 50D, they are tough enough already!
Vivo! Touch: Intelligent Digital Color Label Printer
The Vivo! Touch puts intelligent label printing at manufacturers' fingertips, with the ability to print color labels on-the-fly. High-speed digital color label printing at 4 ips (20 feet per minute) keeps up with manufacturer's packaging lines. Beautiful Vivo! Touch labels resist fading, scratching, and solvents thanks to LED label printing technology. You can make color labels from your graphic design software, labeling software, or ERP system. You can even print color labels without a computer, from its touchscreen! And you can print on previously die-cut labels, with no need for a costly die-cutting system.
QLS-4100 Xe: Industrial Color Label Printer for System Integration
The QLS-4100 Xe prints color labels faster than any other label printer on the market, and has the ability to rapidly process and print data-intensive labels via enterprise software. This rugged thermal transfer digital color label printer is suitable for office or factory environments and prints over 3,000 labels an hour in CMYK process color print mode, and over 7,000 labels an hour in spot color printing mode (depending on label size), at 300 dpi. The QLS-4100 Xe label printer is chosen by businesses with software integration requirements and the need to rapidly print color labels with variable information on each label.
Plexo! 653 & Plexo! 453: for GHS Label Printing and 2-Color Product Labels
The Plexo! 653 and 453 two-color label printers are ideal for printing GHS labels with red and black pictograms. Using a Plexo! and colored thermal transfer ribbons, you can digitally print any label in two colors, with graphics, barcodes, text, and variable fields. The Plexo! 653 prints labels up to 6” wide, and the Plexo! 453 prints labels up to 4” inch wide. Both models print labels at speeds of up to 5 ips and come with Lifetime Warranty and QuickSwap™ Repair and Replacement Program.
Plexo! duo 453: for Double-Sided Apparel Label Printing
The Plexo! duo 453 is a 4” inch wide duplex color label printer designed primarily for printing double-sided apparel care labels, hang tags, and price tags. The Plexo! duo prints one color on the top side of a label or tag, and one color on the reverse side. Like the other models in the Plexo! Family, the Plexo duo comes with built-in Ethernet and Wifi card and Lifetime Warranty and QuickSwap™ Repair and Replacement Program.
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More businesses are making their own labels as a way to cut costs, increase sales, and gain production flexibility. To find out if you can benefit by printing your own color labels, watch our video or read our white paperTop 10 Benefits of Printing Your Own Labels.

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