Pronto! Barcode Label Printers

QuickLabel's Pronto! Barcode Printer Family

Pronto! 682: Wide Barcode Printer
  • up to 6.61” wide
  • 1-8 ips
  • 203 dpi
  • Built-in Ethernet
Pronto! 863: Extra-Wide Barcode Printer
  • up to 8.5” wide
  • 1-6 ips
  • 300 dpi
  • Built-in Ethernet
Why Buy a Pronto! Barcode Label Printer?

Because these printers really work, and so do we. Reliable operation and 24/7 service come with every Pronto!. We hope you’ll also spend a moment to discover that this label printer family offers special features that you won’t find elsewhere, including high-resolution, high-speed, and extra-wide print width models.

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