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The Top 10 Benefits of Owning Your Own Color Label Printer

Vivo! Touch Intelligent Color Label Printer

Intelligent label printing at your fingertips

  Vivo! Touch printing and rewinding labels  
Should you print your own labels?

More businesses are making their own labels as a way to cut costs, increase sales, and gain production flexibility. Watch our video or read more.

The Top 10 Benefits of Owning Your Own Color Label Printer
Vivo! Touch printing and rewinding labels
Ease of Replacing Consumables
Vivo! Touch printing label rolls
  Ease of Replacing Consumables  
  Vivo! Touch printing label rolls  
  Vivo! Touch  
Get a Vivo! Touch with 0% interest and a low monthly payment

The Vivo! Touch label maker gives you the flexibility to make color labels for your every product and customer at any time, at the touch of your fingers. You can print color labels for small-quantity orders, sell private label versions of your products, print color labels from your ERP system, and instantly change over your packaging line to make labels for each of your products according to production demand. The Vivo! Touch makes it cost-effective to print your own color labels, with lower running costs than most inkjet or laser color label printers.

The Vivo! Touch digital color label printer is backed by QuickLabel's 12-Month Warranty and Customer Support Package.

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Back to Our Roots in Intelligent Label Printing:

When QuickLabel Systems introduced the world’s first in-house digital color label printer in 1994, we offered an intelligent printer that could process and print variable information labels on the fly via our optimized printer protocol and our native labeling software. With the Vivo! Touch, QuickLabel is returning to our roots in intelligent label printer design.

Intelligent Color Label Printing On the Fly:

With the Vivo! Touch intelligent label printer, you can print full-color labels on the fly, in photographic quality, as an integrated part of your in-house production process. Thanks to the Vivo! Touch's 1.6 GHz processor and 2GB RAM, you can rapidly print variable information labels at speeds of up to 4 ips (20 feet per minute). That gives you the flexibility to changeover lines whenever you need to, to instantly print print color labels in short runs according to production demand, and to make custom labels for private labeling, export labeling, and prototype labeling.

Custom QuickLabel® Omni software, which comes included with the Vivo! Touch, allows you print labels directly from your ERP system, production database, or other host system so that you can automate your label printing.

Die-Cut LabelsDie-Cut Labels, Ready to Apply:

The Vivo! Touch prints on pre-die cut labels. It has the intelligence to start printing in the proper location on each die cut label, regardless of size and shape. So you can print on die-cut labels without a costly die-cutting system. It will be easy to print labels on your Vivo! Touch, rewind the roll with a label rewinder, and (if you're printing full-bleed labels) remove the excess label matrix with the QuickPeel™ matrix removal system. You'll have a finished, printed roll of die-cut labels ready to load onto a label applicator or label dispenser.

Vivo! Touch color touchscreen displayWe’re Putting Color Label Printing at Your Fingertips – Literally:

You can print color labels at the touch of your fingers Vivo! Touch, from its color LCD touchscreen display. It's easy and convenient to print labels from the touchscreen, where you can choose label formats, enter print quantity, select print management options such as building and scheduling a queue of different label print jobs, verify the number of labels printed, and re-print a previous label print job.

TouchPrint™ Standalone Label Printing:

With its TouchPrint™ standalone print mode, you can print color labels from your Vivo! Touch without a computer. Simply load your label files into the Vivo! Touch via a USB memory stick or download label files via USB or Ethernet. Each label file can be stored in the Vivo! Touch’s on-board memory. Before you print you can preview a thumbnail image of your label on the touchscreen to verify that you've selected the right file.

Low-Cost Per Label with LED Label Printing:

If you are evaluating printing your own labels in-house, achieving the lowest cost-per-printed label is probably one of your top considerations. The Vivo! Touch makes color labels at an extremely low cost-per-label by virtue of its toner ink, which costs less than inkjet ink. The result is that the running costs to print color labels with the Vivo! Touch are lower than other full-color in-house label printers, on a per label basis. And that includes the cost of the blank label, each separate CMYK toner cartridge, and a proportionate amortization of the life of each printer supply, including imaging drums, transfer belt, and fuser! The cost-efficiency of LED label printing cannot be matched.

Full-Color, Vibrant Label PrintingFull-Color, Vibrant Label Printing:

With the Vivo! Touch, we've pushed the limits of LED printing technology to make crisp, beautiful full-color labels. We accomplished this by developing a unique CMYK toner system and a new halftone printing screen that optimizes color label print quality. We’re Giving You a Hand with Label Loading - Literally

There's no trade off between print quality and print speed with the Vivo! Touch. With its processing power and on-board RIP (raster image processing), there is no hesitation between labels even at its top speed. It simultaneously prints high-resolution artwork and variable text, barcodes, lot codes, color codes, and other content.

We’re Giving You a Hand with Label Loading - Literally:

Manufacturers who print their own labels don’t usually enjoy the process of loading and re-loading their printers with blank labels. Why should they? Blank label rolls can weigh several pounds, and there’s no good place to rest the roll while you open up the printer. That’s why the new Vivo! Touch gives you a hand – a “Third Hand” mechanism that automatically holds, centers, and locks a blank roll of labels on a spindle so it's easy to load into the Vivo! Touch. Watch a video to see how to load labels into the Vivo! Touch.

Watch Video Watch a video about the Vivo! Touch "Third Hand"

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12-Month Warranty & Customer Support Package:

You can't accept any unplanned downtime when you make your own labels in-house – our years of supporting manufactuers who print their own labels have taught us that. That's why we sell the Vivo! Touch digital color label printer with a 12-Month Warranty and give you a free 12-Month Customer Support Package that includes ongoing service visits to your facility, unlimited 24 hour Telephone Technical Support, and our Repair and Replacement Service. When you buy a Vivo! Touch, one of our factory-trained specialists will come to your facility to set-up your printer and train you to use it. We'll stay there with you until you are up and running, printing your own color labels. Read more about the 12-Month Vivo! Touch Warranty and Customer Support Package.


  • Print Technology: CMYK Electrophotographic (toner-based LED system, similar to laser printing)
  • Print Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Print Speed: 2-4 ips (50.8mm/s - 101.6mm/s) 20 feet per minute. User selectable. 
  • On-Board Processing, Memory & Storage:
    - Processor: 1.6 GHz processor, on-board RIP (raster image processor)
    - Memory and Storage: 2 Gb RAM, 320 Gb HDD
  • User Interface: LCD color touchscreen control panel
  • Standard Accessory: QuickVac toner vacuum for periodic cleaning, included
  • Optional Accessories: Automatic Label Rewinder, Label Slitter (to separate multiple-across labels), QuickPeel (label matrix removal system)
  • Connectivity: Built-in USB 2.0 and Ethernet

Print Area:

  • Standard: 3" to 8.1" (50.8mm to 206mm) wide; 2" to 25" (51mm to 63.5cm) long
  • Full-Bleed Labels: 2" to 7.6" (50.8mm to 193mm) wide; 2" to 25" (51mm to 63.5cm) long
  • Note: Narrower labels can be printed multiple-across.




  • Power Requirements:  110-127 VAC, 50/60 Hz / 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions:
    - Printer: 38.2”L x 22”D x 21”High (97cm L x 56cm D x 53cm H)
    - Optional Mobile Cart: 54" L x 24" D x 28" High (137cm L x 60cm D x 71cm H)
  • Environment: Use in a clean production environment, temperature and humidity-controlled
  • Safety Standards: ETL/ETLc, CE, FCC Part 15 Class A, ROHS-compliant

Get a Vivo! Touch with 0% interest and a low monthly payment

Price of the Vivo! Touch Label Printer:

The Vivo! Touch is priced at $14,995 USD, which includes on-site installation and training, a Two-Year Warranty and Customer Support Package, Custom QuickLabel® Omni label creation software, and a QuickVac toner vacuum for periodic cleaning.

This is our factory-direct price, available in the USA. Actual selling prices will vary from location to location. Please contact us for more information.

What kind of labels and inks does the Vivo! Touch use?

Vivo! Touch Blank LabelsVivo! Touch Labels:

The Vivo! Touch prints on die-cut labels. If you prefer, it can also print on continuous label material that can be die-cut and laminated in a secondary finishing process.

The Vivo! Touch prints on both paper and synthetic labels that are capable of withstanding the printer’s high fusing temperature. Vivo! Touch labels can be glossy, matte or textured. QuickLabel Systems manufactures Vivo! Touch labels from a wide range of materials that offer water-resistance, abrasion-resistance, solvent-resistance, and meet various regulatory requirements.

Request a quote for Vivo! Touch labels online or buy Vivo! Touch labels by calling 877-757-7978 and speaking with their personal QuickLabel Media Sales Specialist. Discounted prices are available under the Vivo! Touch BPO program.

Vivo! Touch Toner:

Vivo! Touch TonerThe Vivo! Touch uses a unique CMYK toner ink which is manufactured in extremely fine particles to ensure that each particle is uniform in size and shape. These precise, fine toner particles allow the Vivo! Touch to make color labels with excellent clarity, color accuracy, and smooth gradients. 
Vivo! Touch toner is fused at a very high temperature and bonds directly with the label substrate, resulting in highly durable printed labels that are scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, and solvent resistant, even without lamination. 

Order Vivo! Touch toner cartridges by calling 877-757-7978 to speak with your personal QuickLabel Media Sales Specialist. Discounted toner prices are available under the Vivo! Touch BPO program.

Vivo! Touch Wear PartsVivo! Touch Wear Parts:

In addition to toner and labels, the Vivo! Touch uses Vivo! Touch image drums, Vivo! Touch transfer belt, and Vivo! Touch fuser to transfer images and print labels. Each time the Vivo! Touch prints labels, it uses a fraction of the life of each of these wear parts, requiring them to be replaced periodically, depending on use. 

Vivo! Touch customers can re-order wear parts by calling 877-757-7978 to speak with their personal QuickLabel Media Sales Specialist. Discounted prices are available under the Vivo! Touch BPO program.



Software for the Vivo! Touch:

Custom QuickLabel Omni & NiceLabelThe Vivo! Touch comes included with Custom QuickLabel® Omni software. Custom QuickLabel® Omni allows you to layout simple label designs, generate barcodes, create variable fields to that connect your label to a database, and automate label printing by connecting to your ERP system via its QuickCommand™ module. You can download a demonstration version of this software here.

The Vivo! Touch is also the first intelligent color label printer to be compatible with NiceLabel software. We recommend NiceLabel software for advanced label design and connectivity with external databases, powerful print management, and enterprise label printing. NiceLabel is also the right labeling software to choose when connecting to external devices such as weigh scales and barcode scanners

The Vivo! Touch also comes included with a Windows®-compatible driver that allows users to print labels directly from their favorite graphic design software, such as Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®, as well as from virtually any other 3rd party Windows-compatible software.

Vivo! Touch Label RewinderLabel Rewinder:

The Vivo! Touch prints directly onto die-cut labels. As soon as they are printed, labels are ready to be applied to your products. If you use an automatic label applicator, you will first need to rewind your labels.

The Vivo! Touch is used with a simple external label rewinder that sits in front of the printer and automatically rewinds printed labels onto a roll as they exit the Vivo! Touch. The rewound rolls of printed labels are ready to be loaded onto an automatic label applicator or label dispenser.

QuickPeel Matrix Removal System:

Die-cut labels that are not printed “full-bleed” can be immediately rewound.

Watch Video Watch the QuickPeel™ Video

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If you want to print “full bleed” labels (printing from edge to edge on the die-cut label shape), you will need to use a “matrix-in” label construction in which the matrix is left in place around the die-cut label shape in order to absorb stray toner that might harm the printer.

The die-cut labels can be easily peeled away from this matrix by hand, or by using the QuickPeel Label Matrix Removal System for fast, automated removal of this excess matrix. The QuickPeel System is composed of two units, a “dual rewinder” unit that peels the matrix away from the die-cut labels and neatly winds the matrix onto a core for disposal, and second “single rewinder” unit that simultaneously rewinds the finished labels onto a roll, ready for use on a label applicator.





“Wechem is a specialty chemical packager and labels are a critical part of our business. Our labels represent our company and are a legal requirement in our business. Because of this they must have a good look and feel and the Vivo! Touch printer did an excellent job producing labels with vibrant colors and excellent durability. Both of these qualities are essential.

We do a good number of short run products with over 400 products, and the Vivo! Touch system was very efficient for us in changing and adjusting our label needs with a minimum of effort. Because of frequent product changes and regulatory changes, we must have a system that is simple to upgrade and make changes to, and the Vivo! Touch system provides us with these advantages.

The installation and implementation was very easy and performed professionally. The Vivo Touch technician arrived, set up the printer, and had us operational within one hour. Our people were trained and made proficient in running our new label system within hours.

The Vivo! Touch system has improved our efficiency tremendously and allowed us to increase our production all while saving us time and money. We were so pleased that we purchased a second one!!!!”

- Olin Kropog, President and CEO, Wechem

View Spangler Candy Company's Case Study Watch Video

Spangler Candy CompanySpangler Candy Company doesn’t use its high-volume packaging lines to handle small quantity orders for Saf-T-Pop® lollipops with personalized labels – it chooses to print personalized labels in short-run batches with the Vivo! Touch color label printer instead! Spangler’s new custom-labeled Saf-T-Pop program has opened avenues for new sales for the company, and has added a personal touch to giveaway items, promotional items, and party favors for businesses and individual consumers alike.

Read Spangler Candy Company's Case Study Article

Read Unica's Case Study Article

UnicaUnica, a leading Canadian supplier  of hand washes, floor cleansers, and other sanitary supplies for commercial and institutional enterprises, uses the Vivo! Touch color label printer to make labels for each of its diverse products and to print private labels under distributor brand names. Running eight filling lines, Unica relies on the Vivo! Touch’s high-speed label printing.


Read Amoretti Foods' Case Study Article

Amoretti FoodsWith an expanding line of premium food ingredients, flavored syrups, and oils aimed at the food industry as well as the home chef, Amoretti Foods is in constant need of new labels. Their in-house design team prints 50 or so versions of each new label concept, and after employees vote on the winning label design, they use the same Vivo! and Zeo! to print the final versions of their labels. “The Vivo! and Zeo! are great because we can run as many labels as we want, whenever we want. If we need one label immediately for an immediate shipment, or we need 500 labels for a huge order, the Vivo! And Zeo! can handle it.” explains Nick Squires, Amoretti Foods’ Social Media Coordinator. “Not to mention they look great!”

Figure Eight Brewing

Figure Eight Brewing"I just wanted to send you a big thank you for the wonderful job of coordinating the setup of our new Vivo! Touch. After Frank left yesterday (following the install), I successfully printed, spooled, de-webbed, and applied a set of labels to 9 cases of our Jumbo Love barleywine. So far the printer is everything that I hoped and your service has made it all that much easier."

Tom Uban
Figure Eight Brewing

View Windsor Vineyards' Case Study Watch Video

Windsor VineyardsFind out why America’s largest direct-to-consumer winery chose the Vivo! Touch for its in-house label printing operation. Watch Jonathan Kesser, Windsor Vineyards Sales Director as he talks about the impact of the Vivo! on Windsor’s sales and order turnaround, and Scott Cruz, Windsor Vineyards Graphic Artist as he discusses designing and printing private label and personalized wine labels with the Vivo!.

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Bridgepoint SystemsFind out why Bridgepoint Systems, the leading manufacturer of professional carpet cleaning chemicals and equipment, chose the Vivo! to print its short-run and private label packaging.

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Allied HygieneFind out why Allied Hygiene, the leading in-house manufacturer of industrial sanitary wipes in the UK, chose the Vivo! to print its short-run and private label packaging.

Read Albi Naturals' Case Study Article

Albi NaturalsRead why the COO of Albi Naturals, Peter Muller, purchased the Vivo! Touch to label new nutraceutical products, re-brand existing products, and providing co-packing services for other nutraceutical brands.