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Carton Labeling

Retailers and Manufacturers Prefer Color Carton Labels Printed by the Kiaro!

Carton Labeling

Track and trace labeling relies on efficiency. Manufacturers need to accurately label all of their cartons in order to meet the strict specifications of their retailers, all the while avoiding costly labeling errors that can arise when purchasing pre-printed carton labels.

Meet Retail Standards Like Quick Fitting Does

“There are incredibly stringent retail packaging standards all the way from how the product is bagged, to censor codes, to the barcodes that appear on the individual bags or boxes,” says Quick Fitting CEO, David Crompton.

Quick Fitting is the leading manufacturer of “push connect” plumbing fittings and valves sold at Lowe’s, Tractor Supply Company, Ace Hardware, and other major hardware retailers. They found that frequently changing labels to match new retail labeling demands produced a wasteful excess inventory of pre-printed labels that became obsolete over time, and were often not delivered fast enough to meet shipping deadlines.

Carton Labels

“Quick Fitting has a lot of different products, a lot of different packaging, and a lot of different features to those products,” says Crompton.

Quick Fitting was able to cut its costs by 40% when it began printing its own retail plumbing labels just-in-time with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer. “It allows us a flexibility we didn’t have in the past. If we ran out of labels– if we were even short by 30 labels – it cost us a shipment. With the Kiaro! we just simply walk over to the unit and print out some more labels,” says David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting.

The Kiaro! label printer enables any company to print picture code labels for every product variation – every SKU – on an as-needed, on-demand basis.

See how Quick Fitting used their Kiaro! to reduce inventory and costs in this video!

Reduce Labeling Errors with The Kiaro!

The on-site, desktop Kiaro! is the state of the art carton label printer that allows for line-of-sight supervision and on-demand label printing so you can oversee the entire printing labeling process – right in your facility. By having a Kiaro! in-house, you see the labels as they’re printed, and can use supervise the labeling instantly, to eliminate any costly errors. The Kiaro! label printer eliminates printing errors, cuts costs, and saves time.

You’ll never have to worry about printing visual-cue and color-code labels for cartons again.

“When using the Kiaro! you get to see the labels printed right in front of you ” says Eric Sanches, production coordinator at Quick Fitting, “if there are any mistakes in the label design, you get to fix them, right then and there, versus receiving labels from an outside printer, and they’re all wrong and you have to wait days just to get correct ones. It cut our time by more than 80%.”

The Kiaro! label printer allows you to make carton labels on-demand, in short or long runs. In just minutes, you can print visual-cue labels on demand for each SKU and product.

Color visual-cue carton labels with photos, barcodes, part numbers, and other automatic identification information allow pickers in the distribution center warehouses to better select the right product against work orders.

The Kiaro! is Ready for System Integration

The Kiaro! label printer wastes zero labels when starting batches, and its robust print drivers can work with most labeling software, including NiceLabel and Bartender, to give you complete customization of your visual-cue and picture-code plumbing labels.

You can use almost any software to give carton labels astounding print quality for every stage of shipping. The Kiaro! prints in astonishing 1200 dpi resolution, so whether in your warehouse or on the retail floor, your labels will always look great.

“The quality of the label that we get from the Kiaro! … is better and more consistent than the labels that we were getting from the outside,” said Quick Fitting CEO David Crompton.

Plus, the Kiaro! prints at 8 inches per second (40 feet per minute!) in runs of any size, to ensure your retailers get exactly what they’ve ordered more quickly than ever before.

See for Yourself

Schedule an in-person demonstration with the Kiaro! and save $500! We’ll bring the Kiaro! right to your facility, and print labels using your existing artwork to show you exactly how incredible the Kiaro! labels look. You can also find out much more about how the Kiaro! can help your facility save time and money by contacting us today! We can’t wait to hear from you!